Monday, February 14, 2011

Searching the meaning of Radha-Krisna

'radheti nama nava-sundara-sidhu mugdham
krsneti nama madhuradbhuta-gadha-dugdham
sarva-ksanam surabhi-raga-himena ramyam
krtva tadaiva piba me rasane ksud-arte'

"An excellent fresh nectar drink with endless subtle tastes - Such is the name of Radha, by whom all three worlds are graced.
Condensed milk that is wonderfully delicious, thick and sweet - Such is the name of Krishna, in whom all attractions meet.
Now mix these drinks, O thirsty tongue, and add the fragrant ice Of love, a prize the wise will try to buy at any price.
And then at every moment drink this beverage most fine, And make my heart supremely blissful, peaceful, and divine."

(from Stavavali, by Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami. Poetic rendition of translation by Dravida dasa)

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