Thursday, January 2, 2014

Krisna calling

I found this amazing piece of documentary on the ISCKON movement, a source that influenced me in the path of spiritual quest, and thought of sharing the philosophy with you. Interesting audio visual on the path to transformation.

Krisna means the most beautiful and attractive person...

Happy New Year with the most melodious Krisna chants

Chanting is my mantra this new year. May 2014 bring harmony and spiritual enlightenment to one and all.

Hare Krisna!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Krsna bhog: food for the soul!

It has been years since I have written in this space...actually since I have written at all!!! Feels good to be back here yet again. :)

I am very excited to share with you 2 books which I've been wanting to buy for years. I first found them 6 years back while looking for Janmashthami Bhog recipies. Unfortunately buying them online was a nightmare and I kept looking for them across my Isckon visits but in vain (the last one happened at the Mumbai temple on Monday)... I was surprised not to find them at Mayapur and after that kept trying to look for them across various cities untill it occured to me to explore the city of 'Flipkart'! :)

Finally, I am expecting my copies to reach me on Sunday...

To end the suspense...these are the treasures I have been talking about:

Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Finally back in print--the definitive volume on Indian vegetarian cooking. Created by a noted author and lecturer, Lord Krishna's Cuisine features more than 500 recipes, filled with fresh produce and herbs, delicate spices, hot curries, and homemade dairy products. All recipes are based on readily available ingredients and have been scrupulously adapted for American kitchens. The recipes are enlivened by the author's anecdotes and personal reminiscences of her years in India, including stories of gathering recipes from royal families and temple cooks, which had been jealously guarded for centuries. Hailed by Gourmet as "definitive," and as "a marvelous source for vegetarians" by Bon Appetit, Devi has created the landmark work on the world's most sophisticated vegetarian cuisine. Repackaged and evocatively illustrated, Lord Krishna's Cuisine unlocks the mysteries of the most healthful and delicious recipes of the world.

You can purchase the book here.

The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking / Adiraja Dasa

An introduction to Indian vegetarian cooking. Over 100 recipes and detailed instructions on preparing all the essential, unique ingredients that make up Indian vegetarian cuisine. From the simple to the advanced. You\'ll first learn how to use utensils already in your kitchen to replace some of those found in Indian kitchens. The 11-page chapter on spices and herbs is the best around. The ancient art of planning which dishes for each menu and how a meal is served is clearly explained. Then come 120 tested recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Preface by actress Hayley Mills.

You can purchase the book here.

I am sure these books will liven up the Vaishnav kitchen like never before...

Signing off with one of my favorites for you:


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mere lala aaj na jaio yamunar paar...

Mere lala aaj na jaio yamunar paar...

Mere Lala, Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar
Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo
Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar
Sa-karun Vinati Sunhoo Maataar
Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar

Adhir Bijuriya Gagan Jhampiya Dash Disha Hayila Aghaar

Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar

Pawan Bhayankar Nadi Jal Thar Thar Garajishe Visham Aakaar
Kanha Mora Meri Maano Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar

Purav Jhatika Baaye Chup Chup Bol Jaaye
Baar Baar Saavdhaan Karichhe Mamaar

Aye Ghan Saawan Dine Baadhan Saasan Bine Tumhare Lala Ko Ruko
Kya Kahu Lala Kabhu Nahi Sune Binati Hamaar
Samajh Na Paye Kabhu Lala Bina Kaise Jina
Na Jaiyo Mor Kanha
Tore Bina Soona Sansaar
Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar

Mere Lala Aaj Na Jaiyo Yamunar Paar


Monday, February 14, 2011

Searching the meaning of Radha-Krisna

'radheti nama nava-sundara-sidhu mugdham
krsneti nama madhuradbhuta-gadha-dugdham
sarva-ksanam surabhi-raga-himena ramyam
krtva tadaiva piba me rasane ksud-arte'

"An excellent fresh nectar drink with endless subtle tastes - Such is the name of Radha, by whom all three worlds are graced.
Condensed milk that is wonderfully delicious, thick and sweet - Such is the name of Krishna, in whom all attractions meet.
Now mix these drinks, O thirsty tongue, and add the fragrant ice Of love, a prize the wise will try to buy at any price.
And then at every moment drink this beverage most fine, And make my heart supremely blissful, peaceful, and divine."

(from Stavavali, by Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami. Poetic rendition of translation by Dravida dasa)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Akhiyan Hari darsan ki pyaasi by M S Subbulaxmi

Akhiyan Hari darsan ki pyaasi
M S Subbulaxmi

Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi

Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi (3)

Dekhiyo Chahat Kamal Nain Ko..
Nisdin Rehet Udaasi
Akhiyan Nisdin Rehet Udaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi

Aaye Udho Phiri Gaye Aangan..
Daari Gaye Gar Phansi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..

Kesar Tilak Motiyan Ki Maala..
Brindavan Ko Vaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..

Kahoke Manki Kovu Na Jaane..
Logan Ke Man Haasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi...

Surdas Prabhu Tumhare Daras Bin..
Layho Karvat Kaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..
Akhiyan Hari Darsan Ki Pyaasi..

My eyes are thirsty for the vision (Darshan) of Lord. Have not seen the Kamal Nayan (Eyes with lotus shape of my Lord), so it remains sad day after day. (Hindi Bhajan)

Lotus feet

Lotus feet                            

A word metaphorically used to describe the feet of the Lord. 

Lotus is the symbol of  beauty and purity.

The word itself makes me want to surrender....

For an in depth read on the sublime essance of the Lotus Feet, click here.