Friday, February 4, 2011

Jai Radha Madhav

Jai radha-madhav, jai kunja-vihari

Jai gopi-jana-vallabh jai giri-var-dhari

Jashoda-ranjana braja-jana-ranjana


I was lucky to witness the fullness of the river Yamuna during the monsoons of 1995 during one of my numerous visits to Vrindavan. I was a teenager then and I would've listened to Samarpan innumerable times on my 'walkman' while I sat on the river bank watching the river nearly overflow. Devine is all I can say...

This song brings back all those amazing memories of that monsoon evening when I was so lost dreaming (visualising) of the Leela's that may have been witnessed by gopi's in this holy abode... sigh... wish... :)


Sridharan said...

Oh..! Sigh .. How badly I want to visit Vrindavan.. I had been to Mathura but did not visit Vrindavan. I should make it one day..!
This melodious number is very nice..!

SuhaelAmrita said...

Oh you must! In fact Holi is a fabulous time too.

The amazing part of Vrindavan is the soil. Walk barefoot on it and you'll know. It looks like sand but is as soft as soil near a delta....and as you walk you hear occasional call's of peacocks!

I am nostalgic. So want to visit again!